Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh what dreams I have...

A while back I had the following dream. Every now and then I have vivid dreams like this that I do not make note of. I am trying to change that, starting with the following...

I was walking to the Palouse. I arrived in a small town instead overshooting the Palouse and knew I needed to backtrack. This small town was crowded with homes, small shops and people and visitors. It was fall and gray out and I had on a large backpack for traveling. People seemed to notice but ignored me traveling through their town. I saw a path, a gravelly one which went through a park like setting that I thought pointed in the direction of Palouse, from which I would travel on to Spokane. Before getting on that trail, I had to pass by a densely populated parking lot. One of those dirt/land parking lots that was part of the park. There were only 2 is rows of cars, trucks, rvs and large vans. As I began walking my way through, a bunch of roaming dogs start coming up. They seem threatening because they are a mixture of curious yet on guard with bared teeth and barking so I put my backpack in front of me to shield me from the dogs. I keep walking slowly through but am largely stopped. Then their owners appear to send them away. Mostly these are white women who appear to live in the surrounding trailers and rvs. They are rough looking which seems to fit the spirit of the town. One of those places where people are getting by with what they can. A few kids pop out and are curious about me,especially a little brown skinned girl.

Eventually I end up in a woman's house/store where I am able to get some water. I move with the other women to the kitchen and notice large roasted peppers-orange ones-in a hanging wire basket by stove. I notice on the floor next to a comfy chair nearby is my missing water bottle. I am not sure if I should reclaim it and feel weird for doing so because I do not want to be seen as a thief so I leave it. I am still eating the chocolate and wish for relief from it so I hurriedly drink water. For some reason I feel I must finish the chocolate as quickly as possible before I continue on my way. I have made peace with the fact that I may need to grab a taxi to get me up to Spokane and begin wondering how I should go about calling one. In the meantime, there is an overabundance of chocolate which was sweet at first but becomes a burden to consume. Chocolate fills my mouth. It becomes too sweet, too much and I consider throwing it away but in spite of my growing disgust decide it is better to eat it. 

What could such craziness mean? 

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